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Prime Video is tough competitor for Netflix and also linked to Amazon account for Faster Delivery. 

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video will provide, All Videos, movies, All TV shows and more Included with Prime Amazon Originals, exclusives, and more Amazon Channels like  SHOWTIME, STARZ, HBO and more we can Rent or Buy New releases, latest seasons and we can watch more Free TV shows and episodes. Your Watch list Your Video Library Watch, getting started soon.

Amazon prime Video is currently available to residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Austria. Customers who are living outside Amazon prime Video’s available countries are increasingly by using VPN to get around the geographical restrictions. Customers of Amazon Video can stream on the web by using an HTML5 player, and it is also supported in Chrome, IE 11 and Microsoft Edge. In safari and Firefox only Microsoft Silverlight is supported.

Amazon video is available on Amazon’s “Fire” devices, smartphones,  PCs, tablets and various TVs, Blu ray players and it will be comfort with a broadband connection. TVs supporting the service include Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sony. Sony TVs which  supports Android TV include the Amazon Video app. Comfort supporting Amazon Video include in recent PlayStation, Wii, Xbox and Wii U.

On October 1st, 2015, Amazon officially announced that Apple TV products and Chrome Cast  were banned from sale on its online marketplace , and it effective takes place on October 29, 2015. Amazon gives clarification, that this was to reduce “customer confusion”, as these devices do not support the Amazon Video ecosystem.

Amazon Prime Movies

Video quality:

Amazon prime video is depending on the device, Amazon supports up to 4K (UHD) and (HDR) High Dynamic Range  streaming. UHD/HDR rolled out with its original content. And Other titles support 1080p (HD) streaming with.  Dolby Digital Plus audio or 5.1 Dolby Digital. For titles available for purchase and not included in a customer  Amazon Prime subscription, the HD option is often offered at an additional price to the users.

Trouble Watching Prime Video?
If you are having trouble watching Prime titles, here are some common solutions that may help you:

Check Your Device Registration – Your device needs to be registered to the same Amazon account you used to set up your Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership. To learn more, go to How to Sign In & Out of Amazon Video.

Check Your Membership Status – You can make sure that your Amazon Prime membership is still active from the Manage Your Prime Membership page in Your Account itself. A notification displays at the top of the screen if your membership is no longer active.

Check Your Location – Make sure you are accessing Prime Video from an eligible U.S. location. Due to licensing agreements, Prime Video is only available to customers located in the U.S. territories and united states, except for selected Amazon Originals titles available to watch while abroad. To learn more go to Watching Videos While Traveling Abroad.


Prime Video is available for:

  • Paid Amazon Prime members
  • Amazon Prime 30-day trial members
  • Amazon Student six month trial members
  • Members of an Amazon Household with shared Prime benefits

Tip: To learn more about sharing Prime benefits with an Amazon Household, go to Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits.

Prime Video is not available for:
Customers previously invited to share shipping benefits with a Prime member.

How to Sign In & Out of Amazon Video?

Sign In

When you open Amazon Video on your device for the first time, you’re prompted to “Sign In.” You are also prompted to sign in to your account when shopping for Amazon Video titles from your computer’s web browser.

The account information you enter links your device or web browser to the associated Amazon account.

Sign Out

Sign out to remove your device from your Amazon account, or to connect to a different account.

To sign out from the Amazon prime Video website:

  1. Go to your Amazon prime Video Settings.
  2. Find your device under Registered Devices.
  3. Click the deregister option next to it.

Most of the devices also include a sign out option directly within the Amazon prime Video app.

To sign out from the Amazon prime Video app for iOS:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select My Account.
  3. Select Sign Out.

To sign out from the Amazon prime Video app for Android:

  1. Open the Menu  Menu Button
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Signed in as “Account Name.”
  4. Select Sign out.

After you sign out from Amazon prime Video, your device is no longer linked to the Amazon account you used to sign in. You will no longer have access to Your Video Library, and would not be able to purchase or watch Amazon prime Video titles on that device until you sign in again.

You will typically see a prompt to sign in again on screen. You can then enter the information for your preferred Amazon account.

Amazon Prime Video App:

Prime Video App For iOS:  Click Here to Download

Prime Video App For Android: Click Here to Download


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